the truth about carbon footprints

I recently reacted to a video on carbon footprints that really opened my eyes and I wanted to share it with you guys. These kinds of conversations, on concepts that are widely believed to be "sustainable" but most people don't' really understand on a deep level, are really important in the sustainability movement.

But first, what is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a measure of how much c02 a person produces. So if you live in a huge mansion, drive a jeep, and jet off to luxury islands every weekend, you have a really high carbon footprint. On this website, you can figure out what your carbon footprint is and also see how many earths we would need to support your lifestyle. My result was 2 earths which sounds bad but the average for the US is actually 8...

So what's the big deal with carbon footprints?

Watch the video I've lined down below for a full reaction but basically, carbon footprints were created by an oil company (BP) to shift the blame of carbon emissions away from them as a company and onto consumers. This way, they would get to keep using cheap fossil fuels without a care in the world and consumers would be the ones to feel bad about everything. The I watched also went into the history of greenwashing and fake promises made by these oil companies to make consumers want to support them. BP for example spent tons of money on a campaign to switch to solar energy...then proceeded to basically do nothing about it. This way, they got to benefit from the good pr of saying they're trying to be sustainable without actually putting in the effort to be sustainable.

Wow this is horrible, what can we do as consumers?

I know right, it's absolutely horrible what these companies are doing. As I talk about in a lot of my videos, as consumers our biggest power is out voice. This is both in educating other people on social media and in person, voting in presidential elections, and simply tweeting. However you can spread the environmental message and try to reach someone, do it. We can also bombar these companies as well as our governments with the message that we're tired of the environmental destruction and we want to see change. When it comes to these companies, they just want money so boycotts will help to incentivize them to do something. Bad publicity is also something they really don't want. When it comes to elected officials, they need to know that if they aren't putting in place politics that are good for the planet, we will vote them out. Its as simple as that.

Voila! The video I was talking about.

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