Unsustainable and unethical brands to stop supporting

These brands have been involved in many scandals throughout the years and continue to contribute to environmental description as well as the suffering of people and animals. I'm tired of companies getting away with doing really problematic things and not actually getting held accountable. Andconitnueing destroying the plannet not for the benefit of anyone but themselves. We cannot be okay with these multinational corporations to continue to profit off of these atrocities. I've linked below some resources as well as the articles I read to create this video. be sure to let me know of any other brands I should talk about in a future video.


Nestle and plastic pollution

Johnson and johnson opioid lawsuits

Nestle Brands

Rainforest destruction

Nestle baby formula

Nestle pollution

Unilever and corporate responsibility

Nestle more pollution

Nestle plastic bottles

Johnson and Johnson opioid


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