What I Eat As a Vegan in Paris...

As a vegan living in paris, it's not super hard to eat a vegan diet at my income level (i'm not rich though lol) This is usually what I eat every day to fuel my body without contributing to animal cruelty and environmental destruction. I'm hoping that this what i eat in a day video can help people who are trying to go vegan in paris and want to see how they can eat. These vegan meals are very cheap and super quick and simple to make. I don't have enough time to cook super hard vegan meals so this is usually what i eat. Sine going back to eating a fully plant based diet, i've found it pretty easy to stick to a routine and eat simple vegan foods and meals.

Breakfast: baguette with jelly

Snack 1: palmier

Snack 2: apple sauce

Lunch: pasta with sauce

Snack 3: more apple sauce

Dinner: Rice, tofu, and ratatouille

Hope you get some ideas for foods you can eat as a vegan.

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